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Last year someone shared with me a tumbr blog ‘When In Melbourne’ an animated cultural look at what makes Melbourne, erm…Melbourne? Completed with gif punch lines from favourite television shows and cultural catch phrases.

Since then I’ve noticed that more and more tumblr sites are becoming a place to vent your spleen, articulating current cultural faux pas, politics and miss-happenings, for example

Med students let out a little anxiety here

Girls who want to spread a positive body image are also at home on tumblr, the trend of taking photos on the beach/or are they hot dogs has also made it on line.

(This next one is not for the faint of heart, it involves some pretty explicated images ** you’ve been warned!!! ***)

While critique my d$ck pic, and Straight White Boys Texting (SWBT) (not as shocking as the previous but some explicit language is used), use humour to combat their frustration – due to the culture of unsolicited d*ck pictures, and hook up requests from men of this millennia, the owners of these two separate sites took matters into their own hands.

Although the owners of the…erm…apparatus submit their own image to be critiqued, (if you beat them, why not join them?), the second asks those who have fallen victim to submit, thus giving them some of the power back and allowing them to return these text to the offenders with their submission, as a valid response. As someone who has received some of these messages SWBT is my current favourite.

So while you ponder this question, who’s going to create the WhenInMelbourneSpringFashionCarnival tumblr? I think I’ll head to the pool….

Legs or hotdogs??!





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  1. Ren |

    I *adore* all the wonderful/thoughtful/creative/crazy/ridiculous things you can find on Tumblr. Though, it is a shame that many things are being censored since being bought by Yahoo…